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Licensing Process

Applying for your contractor’s license with the Contractor’s State License Center is a step by step process. We guide you the entire way to ensure that all requirements are met, education is thorough, informative, and we can answer any questions, that all paperwork is filled out correctly, and payments are received.


Step 1: Choose Your Package

Select a study program. Programs include online study guides, videos, and additional course materials with crash courses and additional sections available. See our Packages Page for more details.


Step 2: Paperwork – Included in your package, CSLC will help you fill out all the necessary paperwork to obtain your license.

  • Original Contractor’s Application
  • Work Experience Form

Need 4 years of journeyman level experience in the trade of interest within the last 10 years.


Bachelor’s in Business or Certificates can be used towards part of your work experience. 5% of all applications are selected at random to be audited by the contractor’s license board.


-    When audited, you must provide proper documentation showing proof of work experience.

-    General B, C-10 Electrical, C-20 HVAC, C-38 Refrigeration are classifications that are being flagged for automatic audit.

  • Background Form

Felonies or Misdemeanors must be disclosed prior to submitting the application.


Certain crimes such as robbery and embezzlement may disqualify applicants.


All paperwork must be mailed out along with a $300.00 check made payable to the Contractors State License Board.


Step 3: After Paperwork is mailed in - (takes 6-8 weeks to receive test date from the time application was submitted).


You will receive the following documents:


An acknowledgement letter from the CSLB, letting you know they received your application.


A Livescan packet that you must take with you to a Livescan facility. Livescan has to match up with the background disclosure submitted with the original application. If Livescan does not match up application may be:

  •   Returned for corrections
  •   Denied
  •   Subject to resubmit – will loss money sent in with original application.

You will receive a notice with an upcoming test date.


Step 4: Testing

Depending on classification, trade tests may apply.


All applicants are required to take the law test. (Law and Trade tests are taken separately - 1 hour 30 minutes each test)


Results are given immediately after the test. Must obtain at least a 70% in order to pass. (If fail one of the tests only have to retake that section again - $70 retake test fee)


Step 5: Congratulations

Once passed, a packet will be given with additional paperwork to complete your licensing process.


Bring packet in for us to help you complete the following:

  • Changes to application (Cannot change entity only DBA name, address, or phone number)
  • Workers Compensation Exemption Form or we can quote your Worker’s Comp if you have employees. (Roofers must obtain workers’ comp even if have no employees in order to get license activated.)
  • Contractor’s License Bond ($116.00 if never licensed or bonded before.)
  • Asbestos Test Book


Mail in all forms along with $180.00 check to the CSLB to finalize your license which is good for two years. As long as you renew every two years you will not have to test again.



What are the classifications you can get licensed in? 

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