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Who We Work

We work directly with and for the contractor to ensure that they have what they need to succeed.  We specialize across various industries. However, contracting has no boundaries and we do not discriminate. We understand the genuine contractor workforce and how to maximize opportunities. So, if you are a contractor, considering contracting or engage contractors, we can help.

The EDGE team is made up of highly experienced, qualified experts, and staff that understand the complexities of different industries and know exactly what your requirements are with the CSLB and government legislation. 



JS Platinum Insurance Services

JS Platinum is an insurance agency specializing in Workers’ Compensation. JS Platinum works with business owners for all of their commercial insurance and bonding needs.


It is our goal to have your business placed with insurers that will give you the most competitive rates, while providing you with the most comprehensive coverages. Our many years of experience and excellent customer service make us a leader in the insurance industry. JS Platinum is positioned to offer our clients unique Workers’ Compensation solutions that will reduce costs as well as eliminate large down payments and annual audits.


TCA Business Services



TCA is a unique staffing company with a master policy that allows us to take your employees and put them under our program (re-staff them back to you). By doing this TCA takes on the liability of the employee and is able to provide the back end assistance and compliance for each employee that payroll is ran.


Our ability to staff difficult industries while providing some of the most competitive pricing in our industry allows us to meet specific employer requirements. This will save you the client time, effort, and money while providing you with exceptional service.



The Corporate Advocate


The Corporate Advocate (TCA) introduces our self as a leading, high quality, Business ProcessOutsourcing Company. With a customer-focused attitude, desire to understand our customers’ business & identify the right partner for executing the job, we act as a one-stop shop for business process outsourcing.


Business process outsourcing (BPO) is rapidly becoming recognized as a valuable strategy for companies seeking to increase their company’s overall performance & profitability by controlling costs, supporting a safe work environment, and being able to focus company time & resources on revenue generating functions.


For many years Fortune 500 companies have turned to Business Process Outsourcing firms to handle non-essential day-to-day business tasks such as human resourcespayroll, and even loss controlsafety andrisk management functions. That way, they can focus on their core business.


The Corporate Advocate is able to provide small to medium size businesses with these same services while saving our clients thousands of dollars from their bottom lines.

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